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Five Nights at Treasure Island: Nightmare Before Disney
Released: Cancelled
Engine: Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Platforms: Windows
Genre: Point and Click, Fan Game
Theme: Horror, Gore
Download: A demo was given to Tia of The Purity Sinners, but no public demo was released.

Five Nights at Treasure Island: Nightmare before Disney was a fan game created by Jordan Gomez. It was canceled later on in development. The game takes inspiration from the fan game Five Nights at Treasure Island, but is not meant to be officially related to the series. For future reference, the game's GameJolt page is located here. The Humanoids have an appearance. 


In 2015, SubWoofer had announced the game a few days after AnArt start development on a Remastered FNaTI, which Sub got the models of AnArt, he edited the models in Blender to create the nightmares. Later on he had canceled the game due to depression and stress. In 2016, SubWoofer and Photo Negative Mickey are now developing a new Nightmare Before Disney, which will be introducing a new look onto the horror game, due to SubWoofer's old files getting corrupted.

Nightmare Suicide Mouse was the only surviving file from the NBD files.


The setting is in the player's nightmares.

They have access to multiple security cameras, and must monitor the facility using them. The suits and the humanoids found in the facility roam around at night, and must be monitored by the player. Also, there are gonna be doors and power.


The player is in a nightmare and must avoid getting killed by the Nightmare Suits and Nightmare Humanoids. There is going to be a real suit that will kill you if you die in the nightmare.

Five Nights at Treasure Island
Five Nights at Treasure Island: Nightmare Before Disney