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The Nightmare Suits are the main antagonists of Five Nights at Treasure Island: Nightmare Before Disney. Their disfigured appearance is a result of being in the player's nightmares.

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Known Nightmare Suits

Nightmare PN Mickey

Nightmare Photo-Negative Mickey's appearance is similar to the suit he is based off of, Photo-Negative Mickey, however, his head and gloves are red, his eyes are more humanlike, he has spikes in his eyes, and he has a more round nose. It is unknown what he will do in-game.

Nightmare Oswald

Nightmare Oswald's appearance is similar to the suit he is based off of, Oswald, however, his mouth is longer, his teeth are visible and shaped as a square with blood on them that give them human-like teeth, and his eyes are flesh. His arms are also replaced by needles. It is unknown what he will do in-game.

Nightmare Disembodied

Nightmare Disembodied's appearance is somewhat similar to the suit he is based off of, Disembodied, however, his eyes are a combination of flesh like Nightmare Oswald's and humanoid eyes like Nightmare PN Mickey's. The back of his head is open, revealing flesh. It is unknown what he will do in-game, but he will start in Staircase 1.

Nightmare Suicide Mouse

Nightmare Suicide Mouse's appearance is very clearly based off of Nightmare Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy's 4. He has spikes in his eye sockets and humanoid eyes, as well as drills for fingers and spikes for teeth. Part of his head is torn open, leaking yellow blood, almost like a bullet wound. He has a second mouth on his chest.

Nightmare PN Minnie

Nightmare Photo-Negative Minnie's appearance is very different compared to the suit she is based off of, Photo-Negative Minnie. A very large part of her head is missing and she has teeth everywhere on her figure, including on her hands, her neck, and her chest.

Nightmare Daisy

Nightmare Daisy's appearance is radically different from the suit she is based off of, Daisy. Her eye sockets are surrounded by yellow flesh, and visible through many tears in her head is a lump of human flesh. She is also missing the lower part of her beak and she has sharp spikes coming out of her mouth.

Nightmare Face

Nightmare Face's appearance is somewhat similar to the suit he is based off of, The Face, however, he is made entirely of flesh and is missing half of his body. He is also missing his hands and he has human eyes.

Nightmare Goofy

Nightmare Goofy's appearance is somewhat similar to the suit he is based off of, Goofy, however, his hands and feet have been replaced with many spikes. He is still missing his head but there is a spike in its place. He is stained with blood all over.

Nightmare Ortensia

Nightmare Ortensia's appearance looks like that of the original Disney incarnation of Ortensia, with her pink skirt and hat, but she has multiple eyes in her mouth, and in holes on her body. She also has long spikes piercing threw her with eyes on the end of them. Her dress is also tattered and ripped. She also appears to be missing half of her left ear.


Nightmare Willy

{{Nightmare Willy's appearance of deadly suits,she really deadly suits but she has a strange species replace on her body,she has human eye,no spike on her mouth and her socket eye but she got needle on her legs,and his finger has replace some drill,also this nightmare deadly suits is the same one of Nightmare Suicide Mouse.}}

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